Introducing: Kiwami Greens

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Due to overwhelming demand, we are no longer able to offer free samples of Japan’s most popular Aojiru blend. Don’t worry! You can still get 10% off by ordering a monthly subscription box. Just click the button below.

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About Japanese Aojiru

Aojiru (/ah-oh-ji-ru/) is a traditional Japanese greens blend known for its superior nutritional properties. Harvested from the nutrient-dense soil of the southern islands of Japan, we combine Young Barley leaves and Ashitaba greens with fine Matcha and Sencha in the way of “KIWAMI” – masterfully crafted. Our proprietary blend is a smooth, rich mixture of greens created to complement your daily intake of vegetables with the utmost convenience.
Make Kiwami Greens a daily ritual for your modern life.

As Easy As


Simply open the packet and add the powder to approximately 5 fluid ounces of water or milk. You can even try adding Kiwami Greens to your favorite juice, smoothie, yogurt, protein shake, or favorite recipe.


Stir the powder until it dissolves into the liquid. You can easily mix it into anything, as Kiwami Greens is completely soluble.


Enjoy Kiwami Greens without having to alter your daily routine. By consuming it every day, you complement your daily vegetable intake.