The Story of Kiwami Greens

In Japan, Western culture was introduced many years ago to enrich their quality of life. People were finally discovering a congenial coexistence between traditional culture and modern living, combining ancient wisdoms with today’s diverse world. We believe it is now our turn to introduce the time-tested art of traditional Eastern practices into the Western diet.

At the core of who we are and how we create Kiwami Greens is an uncompromising commitment to quality, a devotion to unparalleled craftsmanship, and a desire to delight all who experience our products. We are dedicated to eco-friendly research and product development for respectfully crafting and sharing nature’s abundance with humanity. This is our way, and it always will be.


Our promise: To coexist peacefully with people and nature. We take pride in preserving our precious natural resources, because without protecting our environment, we cannot make the products we create today. Our practices are in alignment with nature’s values, allowing us to create masterfully crafted products that enrich people’s lives. We believe in more than simply creating a “good” product. We strive to inspire and improve the lives we touch through multicultural compatibility. When you embrace the unknown, you open yourself to a world where nature and humanity are beautifully synchronized.


Our commitment to deliver exceptional products continues to fulfill our promise, “to live in harmony with people and nature.” The spirit of taking on new challenges has been a great motivator for our ever-expanding global culture. It is an aspirational call-to-action, inviting the modern world to learn from the ways of old by inspiring a thousand-mile journey with the start of a single step. We believe in uncompromising quality, extraordinary craftsmanship, and most importantly, respect and appreciation for Mother Nature.

The History of Aojiru

The first Japanese vegetable extracts were found in the oldest Japanese medical book (Ishinpo), which was written over 1,000 years ago. It is said that this is where the historic roots of Aojiru began.


Aojiru as we know it today was developed during the mid-20th century, and this special blend of nutritious greens has only continued to rise in popularity. Now, this healthy mixture is widely used throughout Japan as a daily morning routine.

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