Preparing a First-Time Shopping List for New Vegetarians

By Paul Medley


Post Date / 07/19/2017

Whether you have decided to go completely vegetarian or just want to reduce your consumption of meat, incorporating a veggie-centric diet into your daily routine is a great way to get even more healthy vitamins and minerals for better health. Oftentimes, first-timers approach vegetarianism with hopeful optimism, only to find themselves lost inside the grocery store. Making a dietary and lifestyle change this drastic requires a slight overhaul, especially if you are used to shopping without any knowledge surrounding food that might contain meat products.

You know your own taste buds best!; Don’t go so extreme that you dislike what you buy. Just follow your stomach’s desire with these special tips for creating your very own “first-time” vegetarian shopping list:

  • Get Reacquainted with the Produce Aisle: Start with what you know by stocking up on all your favorite fruits and vegetables. This will help provide inspiration for what’s on the menu when it becomes time to cook.
  • Speaking of Cooking: Craft a perfectly cooked vegetarian meal with delicious meat substitutes. Some of the more popular veggies and plant-based foods to use in lieu of animal products include tofu, lentils, mushrooms, beans, and potatoes.
  • Let’s Get Nuts: Don’t forget to add some nuts into the mix. For the best nutrition, opt for raw, unsalted varieties. Eat almonds and pecans as a healthy snack, or use cashews to create your very own cashew cheese.
  • Look Out for Good Deals: Special items like organic produce and pre-packaged foods are often costlier. Save money by purchasing packaged foods in bulk. Compare the prices of fruits and veggies at different markets. See if your store has a mailing list for access to exclusive deals.
  • Opt for On-The-Go VeggiesFor When Things Get Busy: You may not have the luxury of time, therefore considerations toward convenience and portability are essential. Jazz up quick meals or beverages on-the-go by adding a packet of Kiwami Greens.a  Sign up for Monthly Subscription Box of Kiwami Greens so you’re never left wondering where your health boost will come from to your list of good deals. Get 10% off plus free shipping right now!

It’s important to keep in mind that making big changes in dietary habits can cause the body to react in different ways. We all have our own unique biochemistry, so it can be difficult to predict whether you experience a “meat detox,” or simply go on your merry way feeling better than ever. With these helpful hints in mind, finding the right balance in your new vegetarian diet doesn’t have to be a grueling challenge. Take your time and enjoy the transition toward a brand-new lifestyle! that benefits both your body as well as earth’s precious creatures.  

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