How People Are Using Kiwami Greens

By Mike McGrath


Post Date / 10/02/2017

At Kiwami Greens we’re always interested in the many inventive ways our customers choose to use our blend of matcha, sencha, young barley leaves, and ashitaba greens. Some love how easily we make it to add to their daily intake of green leafy vegetables, while others see each package of greens as a chance to practice self-care and mindfulness. Here’s how six online influencers use Kiwami Greens, and how they incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle.

Mindful Mornings with Simple Moments Stick

Susannah at Simple Moments Stick is committed to “reclaiming simplicity in motherhood and marriage.” She strongly believes in mindfulness throughout the day, but especially first thing in the morning. A mindful morning routine can set the stage for your entire day, and Susannah finds combining the nutrition of Kiwami Greens with water or a smoothie in the morning helps her feel good about herself as she focuses her energy and attention on the coming day.

Vegan Mornings with Susie

Ericasue “Susie” Cardenas blogs at Keeping up with Susie on everything from healthy eating to family life. A self-confessed morning person, Susie uses Kiwami Greens in her delicious smoothie bowl recipe to get an energy-packed start on the day.

Simple, No Fuss Breakfasts with Twenty-Two Grand

Twenty-Two Grand is the home of New York City blogger Ariana Atwater, who explores the latest in skincare, cuisine, and NYC’s many hidden gems. She prefers her mornings to follow a simple, healthy routine, which is why she blends Kiwami Greens into her own berry-based morning smoothie.

Self-Care Rituals with Share My Hustle

The new mother and ever-evolving artist who maintains Share My Hustle places importance on simple self-care rituals, whether they be a healthy walk or a luxurious bath. She’s a big fan of sencha and matcha, so makes Kiwami Greens a part of her morning self-care routine.

Yoga, Kiwami Greens, and Positive Thoughts

Huffington Post contributor Aston Hethcote sees every morning as a chance to start life a new with a little pampering and mindfulness. She does so with a little yoga, a healthy breakfast that includes Kiwami Greens, and a few precious minutes to record positive thoughts before diving into the day.

Getting those Greens with Modish and Main

Kristin, the energetic blogger of Modish and Main might be devoted to a gluten and diary-free diet, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t struggle to get her daily requirement of greens. She can’t stand salads and doesn’t usually feel like eating a whole bushel of kale. She values Kiwami Greens for its convenience, especially when she’s detoxing, and adds the greens to her delicious Açai Smoothie Bowl.

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