9 Yoga Retreats to Check Out This Year

By Paul Medley


Post Date / 03/22/2017

Looking to take part in some exciting yoga retreats in 2017? You’re in luck! We have compiled some of the most sought after retreats for anyone who enjoys fine-tuning their mind, body, and soul through healthy acts of yogic stretching, mindfulness meditation, and much more.

Yoga Scapes, Moab yoga retreat

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Find your ideal yoga retreat below:

  1. A Call to Nature (April 6 – 10, 2017) – Explore the breathtaking desert wilderness of Joshua Tree, where participants are invited to reconnect with their inner selves through the practice of Kripalu- and Vinyasa-based yoga. This unique retreat also includes hiking, rock climbing, hot springs, and plant spirit medicine workshops.

  2. The Yoga of Sound (May 5 – 7, 2017) – This specialized retreat places focus on those who struggle with feelings of anxiety and depression. Based in North Carolina, physician-yogi Dr. Harrison Graves teaches new and existing practitioners to how to calm their mental state with effective mantras, Ayurveda healing, and other related pranayama practices.

  3. Kripalu (May 6 – 14, 2017) – Looking to travel to a faraway destination for your next retreat? Experience India’s most authentic travel program by taking part in a holistic wellness community that shares insights on yoga, Ayurveda, local culture, cooking, group meditations, and art therapy classes.

  4. Divine Guidance of the Heart Women’s Retreat (May 10 – 13, 2017) – Find your sacred center at this Lake Tahoe retreat created specifically for women. Here, participants can take part in a plethora of restorative activities including guided meditations, intuition development, nature walks, Satsang gatherings, and more.

  5. Mother’s Day Yoga Retreat (May 12 – 14, 2017) – Treat mom to something special this year for Mother’s Day. This casual retreat located in Texas is perfect for moms of all levels, featuring a variety of yoga and meditation sessions as well as educational workshops and relaxing massages led by internationally recognized yoga retreat leaders.

  6. The Ultimate Energy Healing Retreat (June 4 – 7 or 8 – 11, 2017) – Citrine and Sage hosts this limited retreat in Palm Springs, reserved for a select group of only 3 to 5 people to ensure everyone receives the extra care and attention they deserve. This retreat is perfect for anyone who wants to delve deeper into their spiritual practice by receiving personalized meditations, 1-on-1 energy healing, chakra and aura cleansing, and much more.
    Costa Rica Beach Therapy yoga retreat
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  7. Kundalini Meditation Retreat (July 13 – 16, 2017) – This Canadian retreat was designed to purify the body both inside and out. Become reacquainted with your own inner peace by achieving deeper states of meditation through powerful yoga and Shakti resonance practices.

  8. Maui Yoga Retreat (October 4 – 10, 2017) – Yogi Jason Crandell is offering an uncommon Hawaiian retreat on the beautiful island of Maui. Practitioners can enjoy relaxing Vinyasa and Pranayama practices in magnificent gardens overlooking Maui’s north shore, plus high-end cuisines and luxurious lodging accommodations, available for all participating guests.

  9. Costa Rica Beach Therapy (year-round) – Immerse yourself in the gorgeous jungles of Costa Rica with this special one-week retreat that delivers twice daily yoga sessions, plenty of nature explorations, Reiki energy healing, and fun paddle boarding activities.
When packing your bags, don’t forget to bring along a few packs of Kiwami Greens to nourish your body and spirit so you can feel your absolute best throughout the entire retreat experience!

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